Engineering & Design
FRP Grating
Arc Spraying

Engineering & Design
Our engineering & design department produces the drawings, fabrication details and calculations by using the Computer Aided Design (CAD). Enabling us to manufacture and create the exact specification of the products requirements will be very fast to input data. Also the documents will be reviewed by our engineering, Quality Assurance and Control Production department that the customers requirements how can be met.

The various types of machine allow FABTECH from the very smallest item to much larger item with maximum diameter of 72 inches using the Vertical Boring machine.

All our Welding procedures are prepared, developed and qualified in-house by our Quality Assurance and Quality Controller staff in accordance with the requirements of ASME IX, API 1104, AWA D1.1 or to any international codes and standard directed by the client.

We maintain the latest sophisticated Welding Machines which enables us to weld low and high carbon steel, stainless steel. Using a variety of process which includes Gas Tungsten Arc Welding GTAW. Submerged Arc Welding SAW. Shielded Metal Arc Welding SMAW AND Gas metal Arc Welding GMAW.

FABTECH can do all kinds of preheating and post weld heat treatment facilities and can be provided as required from our customer.

Painting & Arc Spraying
FABTECH has painting and Arc spraying facilities measuring 3000 square meters. All our painting and coating is achieved using mobile equipment, wich means no job regardless of shape or size can be accomplished.

Arc Spraying
FABTECH arc spraying process and electrically conductive material is changed from the solid state into the liquid state by means of an electric discharge process and subsequently applied to a substrate surface, which include Zinc Arc Spray; Aluminum Arc Spray and Stainless Steel Arc Spray Coatings. Arc Spray Coatings are used in the following industries like Aerospace, Agriculture, Maritime, Metal working, Pumps/Motors, Electronics and Diesel.

Quality Assurance

FABATECH operates and maintains a quality system that ensures all our products conform to appropriate international code, standard, specification and customer requirements.
The system ensures all quality aspects such as incoming raw materials, following correct and laid down process control steps.
To guarantee on-time delivery of our products, careful steps are taken to ensure perfect results through a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process based on precision at every step.
FABTECH Quality Assurance Team is always available to provide the relevant support for our customers and our in-house production team.

Manufacturing Facility

Our Manufacturing unit is housed in six bays with a total are is 110,000 square meters for fabrication, mechanical, machining, manufacturing Exhausts systems, Painting and spraying, storage of raw materials and finished products for delivering it with workshop efficiency is one of our prime goals. We have also three Over head crane and three forklift trucks ensure projects secure passage through our facility.

The machining area is situated within one of our bays, allowing the material for machining to flow through the workshop area in a safe, prductive and timely manner. We have Radial Arm Drills, Universal Center Lathe, Turret Late and Vertical Boring machines, Press machine, Heavy Roller machines, Gear Cutting machine, ADM Wire Cutting machines, ADM Sparking Machine FABTECH can work on all types of heavy machines.

FRP Grating
This product is a kind of structural plates, which uses high-strength fiberglass roving as reinforcing material, thermosetting resin as the base and then is cast and formed on a special metal mold. Grating provides for Corrosion-resistance, Fire-resistance, Light in Wight and high in strength and solid and anti-skid. Grating can be used in oil industry, power engineering, sewage treatment, ocean survey as working floor, stair tread and trench cover.

We are one of the approved contractors for our esteemed clientele includes Aluminum Bahrain (ALBA).
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